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Shima’s Professional Makeup Tips

5 Top Makeup Tips & Tricks of the Trade

I often get asked by my clients about professional makeup tips and tricks to make them stand out, keep reading as I reveal some of my hit picks.

Makeup Tips 1 – Make up brushes

Make up brushes are essential to a great make up application.  Even the best make up artist will struggle with bad quality or unkept brushes.

To test if your brushes need replacing stand it on its tip on the back of your hand, if the bristles give way, it’s time to get a replacement.


Makeup Tips 2 – Whiter eyes

A great way to help your eyes appear whiter and brighter is to use a nude eyeliner pencil in the waterline.  Some make up artists suggest a white liner, but I always think a nude colour is a much more natural way of achieving this.

My star product: Nars Larger than Life – Longwear eye pencil in Campo De’ Fiori/Antique Brass


Makeup Tips 3 – Make your top lip appear bigger

If you have smaller lips, or a smaller top lip and want it to appear bigger by using make up try this trick.  Firstly stay away from dark colours, as they will only make them appear even smaller.

Place a very small amount of highlighter on either a cotton bud or even your ring finger and run it across just on and slighly above the lipline of your top lip.  You can usually see a slight light line already that the light is casting onto it.  By adding the highlighter the light will reflect off more and make your top lip appear bigger and more pouty.

My star product: Mac pigment power in Vanilla


Makeup Tips 4 – Fitting & Applying lashes

A couple of things to remember when applying strip lashes, these tips will make the finish and application of the lashes much easier.

Always make sure you measure the lashes against the eye before applying them.  Lashes need to be fitted, and if they are slightly too long cut them down from the outer corner.  If you cut from the inner corner the lashes won’t tapper in enough at the inner eye and will appear too bulky.  Then make sure the glue is tacky before applying the lash to the eye.  Wait about 30-40 seconds for this, this will stop the lashes from lifting too much and making them difficult to apply.  You still have another 10 seconds where you can move them into the right position.


Makeup Tips 5 – Clean your brushes in a hurry

If you want a way to keep your brushes clean without having to wait over night for them to dry try cleaning them with surgical spirits.  It’s cheap and ensures they are germ free quickly!  Pour a small amount of surgical spirit onto clean tissue paper and wipe the brush back and forth on the spirited area until the brush runs clean, repeat over if there is still make up coming off on the tissue.  The spirit will dry in seconds leaving you a clean brush to use almost immediately.

Surgical spirits can be purchased from any chemist or pharmacy.


Why not try these out and let me know how you go!


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