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Professional Beauty Show – Dublin

Professional Beauty Show – Dublin


This year the Professional Beauty Show in Dublin saw thousands of Industry professionals cross their doors.  If you’re in the industry it’s a great place to pick up stock and see what new products are coming onto the market.

On the education side you could view one of the live shows, see a makeup or body painting demo or learn some more business skills in the Knowledge area.

I was lucky enough to be chosen to do a Body Painting demo on the live stage.  Being first up in the morning there was a lot to do.  I showcased the piece I won the ‘Irish Body Painting’ competition with earlier this year.  Some techniques used in my demo were brush/sponge, stencilling, latex/glitter application and some airbrush application.  My lovely model MaryEllen was good enough to accommodate the early start to get the prep done before our 11am kick off.  The demo was a great success and I really enjoyed it I have to say.

The audience was great, very interested and eager to learn.

The place was certainly a hive of activity by lunch time.  This year saw the Professional Beauty’s biggest show yet.  It is great encouragement and inspiration for business success in 2013.

All in all a great day was had, lots of money spent I’m sure but all for the sake of business, maybe a wee bit of pleasure throw in!

Next year it’ll be on 6-7 October 2013.

Be sure to check it out next year…

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  • Absolutely love your make up ideas for Halloween. Really well done, current and original!
    If i may suggest the “freaky Doll” make up could be another one. With big eyes, and stiches on both side of the mouth ; )
    Happy Halloween!

  • Hi Laetitia, thanks for your comments. I agree that ‘freaky/creepy doll’ look is a great one too! Especially with the slash look across the mouth and stitched. Really good one! Hope you’ve got your look all sorted.

    All the best,
    Shima x

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