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Retro Pinup at Secret Boudoir

Beauty, Fashion June 2014

Retro Pinup at Secret Boudoir Photography Studio

Client: Secret Boudoir Photography Studio


Project: Retro Pinup

I’m sure a lot of you have by now heard of Secret Boudoir Photography Studio in Dublin.  It is the only one of its kind in Ireland, specialising only in Boudoir photography.  Clients range from brides to be, expecting mothers, there’s clients coming in after a successful weight lose, sporting achievements, mature clients or just anyone wanting to have some memorable photos of themselves, that are one of a kind.

In addition to Boudoir photography the studio have started doing ‘Retro Pinup’ shoots.  They have a wardrobe full of retro outfits, dresses and gorgeous accessories to make your final picture nothing but fabulous!


So if you feel too self-conscious to remove layers of clothing this is another alternative to get some equally amazing photos to build your confidence and haul out on those ‘I feel crap’ days!

I joined the all female staff in 2012 as a hair & make-up artist and can say I love working there.  The Hair & Makeup team transform clients on a daily basis using years of industry experience.  It’s a  real pleasure working with clients from all walks of life and turning them into modern day retro ups, worthy of gracing any wall.



The studio offers an exclusive service where many travel from all over Ireland to experience.  Having photographed over 1500 clients Edel the photographer knows the poses to suit all shapes and sizes.  The result is amazingly stunning images you can keep forever, that are actually of you!

The studio is open 6 days a week but it’s usually booked up weeks in advance, so to not be disappointed make sure you enquire a few months in ahead.


Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions about makeup, body painting or anything discussed on this website.  If you have a question, query or even some feedback, please do get in touch…Always wanting to improve, to be better and to do better by my clients. 


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