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Pregnancy Body Painting

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Pregnancy Body Painting at the Secret Boudoir Studio

Client: Secret Boudoir Photographic Studio


Pregnancy body painting  shoot was shot recently for the Secret Boudoir Studio in Dublin.  I was asked to paint a design for this very special shoot.  Obviously this shoot was slightly different to my other body painting shoots as the model was 7 months pregnant and the baby was moving around slightly.  Prompted by the gentle brush strokes on the stomach…interesting!

The studio is launching a slightly different service now offering Pregnancy Body Painting to their pregnant clientele, so rather than just offering to be photographed while you’re pregnant, clients now have the choice to have a really rare opportunity to be painted and photographed.

Pregnancy Body Painting designs can be personalised, and many beautiful creations can be decorated across the beautiful expectant mothers bump.   From flowers to butterflies, a pregancy body painting design can be developed for your individual personality.

The studio offers an exclusive service where many travel from all over Ireland for the experience.

What a great idea for a gift!

About the client: Secret Boudoir is Ireland’s only dedicated Boudoir Photography studio, and is ran by an all female team. Boudoir Portraits are tasteful, sensual photographs that capture a woman’s femininity and beauty.

Boudoir photography is becoming hugely popular, especially with Brides to be as a pre wedding gift for the groom, or as special birthday/anniversary gift for the person in your life.

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