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PR Body Painting for Danone

Bodypainting, Commercial, PR & Marketing June 2012

PR Body Painting for Danone Activia Photocall

Client:  Danone Activia Ireland

Body Paint Project: PR Body Painting

PR Body painting for the Danone photocall was to bring awareness to one of their popular diary products Activia.  The intention was to get people to think about how healthy their stomach is.  The brief was to PR body paint two different digestive images on two models.  The first was a coloured image of the internal stomach/intestinal organs and the other was designed to look like an x-ray, again for the internal stomach/intestinal organs.  The third model would be holding a board with pictures of fruit in place of the organs.

We were lucky with the weather that day, the models were shot in the park on a sunny Dublin morning!

About the client: Danone is a food company like no other. A major global business, they focus exclusively on products that bring health benefits to their consumers.  Nearly a century ago they were one of the pioneers in probiotics, and today they bring that same spirit of innovation to an ever-growing portfolio that includes some of the world’s most successful and best-loved brands.

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