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Marketing Makeup Imagine Wimax

Commercial, Corporate, PR & Marketing July 2010

Marketing Makeup – Imagine Wimax Campaign

Client: Imagine Communications Group

Marketing Makeup Project: Marketing Makeup Commercial / Corporate / Marketing

Marketing makeup was created for Imagine Communications over a period of time to create a series of advertising campaigns that were rolled out across Ireland.  I worked with JJ who became the promotional figure advertising the Imagine Wimax brand through television and print work.  The Wimax jingle JJ sang helped to promote the brand and was so catchy it had people singing it all over Ireland!

About the Client: Imagine Communications is a Telecoms company and the first to bring Wimax to Ireland.  Capable of delivering high quality voice calls and high speed bandwidth to everyone in Ireland.  They have business operations all over the world with a network reaching to Ireland, the UK, the Netherlands, Austria, Norway and the USA.

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