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Boho Bridal Makeup – Ireland Day 1

Bridal Aug 2013

Boho Bridal Makeup – Ireland

Bridal Project: Boho Bridal makeup

Client: Lorina Mahapatra


About the Client: Boho bridal makeup for Lorina was required over 2 days as she had civil ceremony as well as a Hindu ceremony for family and friends.  Day one we did a boho bridal makeup look, and day two was the bollywood Asian bridal look.  Both were stunning looks on Lorina and the make-up looks complimented outfits on both days.  The photos of her are gorgeous, the photographers captured how beautiful she looked on the days just right. Asian bridal make-up was a pleasure to do on Lorina and it was lovely working with such a sweet bride.  Lots of family and friends from Ireland and the UK made the 2 days an amazing experience for both the bride and groom.


See the stunning Boho bridal make-up photos for yourself!


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