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Body Painted Baby Bump

Bodypainting June 2014

Painted Baby Bump


Client: Private

Baby bump pregnancy body painting is becoming much more popular. Not only are parents wanting to have the bump recorded in a beautiful image, but a lot of mums are deciding to go the next step and have the bump, or more of their bodies painted and photographed in a stunning photo-shoot. This might not be for everyone, but those that decide to go for it have a very special experience, and their baby bump photographed in a completely unique way.

I’ve had the pleasure of painting lots of mother’s to be baby bumps and it’s always a pleasure and really special to see the finished product.  It’s also a great excuse to get a little pampering before the big delivery…

 The design can be customised so it’s personal, colourings and design are all discussed prior to the photo-shoot day.  Complete privacy and the peace of mind that the artist is female making my clients feel relaxed and able to enjoy the baby bump experience fully.

Having worked with lots of expectant mums, the ideal time is around 7-8 months, when the baby bump is established, mum is feeling not too restricted and challenged by the effects the last month can bring.

Why not look into it more, feel free to ask any questions or concerns regarding this special experience.


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