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Miller Time Halloween Makeup Tutorial – Mexican Sugar/Candy Skull

Halloween Makeup Tutorial – Mexican Sugar/Candy Skull


Looking for a cool look this Halloween, why not try this Mexican Sugar Skull design I created for the Miller Time Halloween event.

Read on as I take you through a step by step process to re-create this look.

Step 1: Using a white water based face paint cover the whole face using a damp foundation brush or face sponge.

Step 2: Using a coloured kohl/eye pencil line out the shapes for the eyes and nose carefully.

Step 2

Step 3: Using a bright coloured water based face paint (I used green) completely fill in the circles, keeping the edges as clean as possible.  You can also go over the eye lid area with a sparkly eyeshadow or pigment powder to add some glamour, just blend out the edges.  Then using a complimentary colour (gold or red work well with green) go around the eye shape carefully painting half circles around the outside. See image.

Step 3

Step 4: Then using a black face paint, colour in the nose shape and part of the lips also with black or you could also use red for the lips.  Then using a thin paint brush, paint a thin line out from the lips to the cheeks on either side.  Using the same brush, paint short vertical lines along the mouth lines to look like stitches.

Step 4

Optional: as an added detail you can add diamante stick on gems around the eyes to add some bling to the look.  You can also fix them with eyelash glue to help them last longer.

Step 5: To finish the look you can paint swirls and flowers on the cheeks, forehead and chin.  Add different colour diamantes to add more sparkle or even glitter.  Go around the eyes with black gel or kohl pencil to define eyes more and try adding lashes for a really pretty Halloween look.

Step 5

Try these stockists for water based face paints: Art & Hobby Shop, Fancy Dress Hirers, Makeup Forever or Face FX Makeup Supplies.

Why not give it a go!

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