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Bridal Beauty Prep – Skin Regimen

Bridal Skin Regimen – Some Tips You Should Know!

Part of my job as a makeup artist is to advise and get my brides skin in top condition before their big day by advising a skin regimen.

Firstly I think a lot of brides think facials are an essential part of the wedding process.  In fact I would highly recommend if you have great skin ‘don’t do a thing’!  Certainly cleanse, tone and moisturise morning and night as your skin regimen and always remove makeup before bed.  Even if it’s after a big night out, a packet of baby wipes beside the bed will make sure your makeup won’t be clogging your skin leading to breakouts.

If you do decide to have facials make sure you go to a good Beauty Salon and an experienced therapist.  Always make sure they know the date you’re getting married so they can stop them in enough time for the skin to settle before the wedding date.

If you try any new laser treatments to help pigmentation, lines and resurfacing treatments give yourself at least 6-9 months so the skin has time to finish the treatments and recover fully.  Also in case your skin doesn’t react well to the treatment there’s still time to restore and recover.

A gentle face scrub is great for removing dead skin off the top surface layer of the face.  Do this a couple of days before the big day to leave the skin fresh for the makeup to be applied to.

Note: If you have extra oily skin only use a scrub once a week, anymore and your skin may over produce oil to compensate for the scrub striping the skin of oil too often.

From a makeup point of view stop any facials at least 1 month prior to the big day.  The skin will keep moving and makeup won’t sit as well so give it time to settle so it lasts on the big day.

Lastly you can never go wrong with drinking plenty of water to flush out toxins, try the flavoured water if you find it hard to drink.

I hope this helps in the pursuit for glowing skin for your wedding day.

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