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Body Painting

Commercial – Body Painting

Commercially the use of body Painting has been used to really make billboards or advertisement campaigns stand out from the competition, creating a unique way to get audiences attention.

As an art form it translates well on CD Album covers and various print advertisements, adding another dimension to a 2D Advertising campaign.

Where could it take your audience?


Private Clients

Private clients can experience their own Body Painting experience.  With endless ideas available this opportunity gives an alternative to a portrait shot and even adds a twist to your own piece of art.  The body painting can be done in the comfort of your own home or in studio and a professional female photographer will take images after discussing the style of the shoot.

Images are selected by the client, once they have been finished in post production the body painting images will be yours to keep forever.  Such a unique idea as a gift and one experience that will not be forgotten.

*Prices given on enquiry (Includes Body Painting and CD of Images to keep).


Painted Belly Body Painting (Pregnancy)

A completely different way to celebrate the arrival of your little one.  Belly Body Painting has been a great success around the globe in providing expecting parents a truly unique and artistic way to capture a very special time in an expecting mothers life.  Working together with you we will come up with a beautiful piece to create.

We can provide the body painting service in studio or to make it more comfortable the experience it can be done in the comfort of your own home.

All paints are non-toxic, water based and easy to remove with soap and water.

At the end of the experience you’ll have professional body painting photos that capture that special time for you to enjoy for years to come.

Prices quoted at time of enquiry  (Includes Body Painting and CD of Images to keep).

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